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Knowing Your Date by The Type of The Hand

The Basics of Hand Types

Do you want to know if your date for the evening is The One for you? You don’t need to be a psychic but knowing just a few details about your date’s hand shape may give you a general insight into the person.

There are four basic hand shapes and each of them is connected to a different element of nature. There is the fire hand, the water hand, the earth hand, and the air hand. You might be familiar with the zodiac signs, but don’t think that the astrological profile corresponds to the hand type. It is not always the case. This goes to show that personalities can be complex.

The Fire Hands

A person with fire hands has a long or narrow palm and quite short fingers by comparison. Often the palms have deep creases and mounds well-defined. You meet someone with these hands you are likely dealing with an extrovert, an active, outgoing person. As the hands exhibit good muscle tone and skin which is firm, the person is likely to exude strength, spontaneity, and energy. They are passionate, intense, and confident. They tend to inspire others, always looking for challenges and motivation. On the other hand, they tend to get easily bored and become restless. The signs in the fire category are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius.

The Earth Hands

The person with earth hands are identified by square palms and short fingers, which are usually stiff and thick, and rounded at the tips. If you meet one, the person is usually very level- headed, no-nonsense, realistic, and practical. People with earth hands are often good with their hands, creative, capable, and reliable. They love nature and animals, are outdoorsy and quite the traditionalist. On the other hand, the type does not respond to change easily and tends to get stuck in their realities. The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The Water Hands

These hands have long palms with long fingers, giving an impression of narrowness. They are soft and somewhat clammy. These individuals may have psychic abilities, very well in tune with the world of emotions, thoughts and feelings. They are sensitive, creative, and intuitive. If you meet one, they tend to care more about people than material things. They are likely Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The Air Hands

Know this type by their squarish palms and long fingers that are somewhat spindly. Intellectually inclined, they are innately curious and thrive in the world of concepts, logic, structure, and ideas. They tend to overthink and overanalyze. Sociable, they like working with others and may be teachers, communicators, and advisers. Sometimes, they overwork and that can lead to mental stress.


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Matters Of The Heart In The Palm Of Your Hand

Revelations of the Heart

Many people have sought out, and still do, the divination practice of palm reading. It’s been so for centuries and prevalent in all if not most cultures and societies. Palm reading enthusiasts and even those who at least, but once in their life, experienced someone else who can look well into their personalities and potentials walk away with a deeper understanding of themselves. Lines, creases, mounds and plains in everybody’s palms are said to be suggestive of some trait, inclination, struggle and future events. When it comes to the lines, four of which are major, one line’s interpretation seems to be particularly sought-after.

The Heart Line

Yes, the Heart Line, commonly referred to also as the Love Line, deals with everything about the heart. Does it always pertain to one’s love interest? Among other things, yes; about the person and his/her relationship with self and others – spouse, lovers, relatives, family and friends.

The heart line is the topmost line on the palm, running horizontally across. It begins at the edge of the palm on the pinkie side, and runs to just underneath the index or middle finger. Its placement makes it the first to be studied in a reading, and, besides, it’s what most people want to learn about first. The reader gives insight into our various relationships, our emotions, and what we feel about ourselves, others, and life in general. The Heart Line can also reveal potential for growth or change, and even how we deal with our inner world and spiritual life.

When looking at and interpreting the Heart Line, the reader notes the depth, length, curvature, branches, among others. He may look at both hands and determine the dominant one which is the hand that is shaped by experiences and the people involved in your life. Using a magnifier can help see details.

Generally speaking, the deeper the heart line, the deeper your love and affection. A long but straight line that ends below the index finger can signify empathy and strong intuition about others’ emotions. If one, overly sensitive and often desires affection or validation, have a heart line that does not curve towards the fingers. Whereas, a pronounced curve at the end of the line denotes one can well express emotions and needs. It is the opposite when the line is higher up the palm.

If the line splits in two, the person puts others ahead of self. A faint line means one has a delicate energy, easily succumbs and may be bullied. If the Heart Line is crossed by tiny lines, it indicates emotional trauma, whereas if there are many breaks or branches in the line, one has fleeting, though intense relationships. If the line splits into three branches, luck in love and life portends.