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Chakra balancing has been used as a healing practice for your body and for healing physically and spiritually, helping you to feel grounded, whole and more spiritually aligned. When the energy centers are healthy, open, and aligned.


The study behind palmistry is that the palm each as individual as its owner grants a look into their future by showing their ability to handle finance, love, health, and friendships as well as mental and physical wellness. Contact us for a palm reading in Lynnwood today.


The tarot card dates back to the early 14th century and was used by kings, queens and rulers as a way of mapping the mental and spiritual pathways in their search for knowledge in their physical, financial and romantic decisions.


For centuries, civilizations believed that dreams were a way of connecting with the future. It was used as a way of connecting with love ones and used as a guide to physical, financial or romantic decisions by connecting to your own psychic ability.