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Palm Reading Q&A: What You Need To Know

A Short Primer on Palm Reading

What is Palm Reading?

It is also called Chiromancy or Chirognomy; also known as palmistry or hand analysis. It is a spiritual divination art that studies the lines of the hand or the mounts of the hand. It’s also the study of the shape, size, and appearance of an individual’s hand overall, including the analysis of the texture, color, and resiliency of the skin.

What is palm reading for?

Palmistry is normally used for predicting the future, self-discovery, your career options, your relationships, as well as recovery from depression. Palmistry may literally change your life. Your hands will tell much about your personality and may help you to find answers to the questions you’ve ever had. It is a great tool to chart progress in mental healing or attitude reforming.

Where did palmistry started?

Palm reading was born in India, many centuries before Christ. From there, the science of reading into the lines of hand spread to China, Japan, Arab countries, and arrived in Europe in the twelfth century.

Which hand is used in palm reading?

Experienced palmists tend to examine the seekers’ most active hand or the dominant hand. The lines on that hand will tell your current and future trends while the passive hand indicates your childhood or the past. There’s a theory that says the left hand shows potential, while the right hand shows what you’ve done with that potential. Hence, in palmistry, both hands are used.

Are predictions made via palm reading true?

There is no such thing as a fixed future. All the hands show is possibility or likelihood, based on factors continuing unchanged. But we can change our direction in life, any time we choose.

What if you don’t like the predictions?

As a general rule, when the lines and markings on your active and passive hands are different, it means you have actively worked toward self-development. Remember, your hands change throughout your life, so what you see in the palm now can be different from what they were years ago.

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Your Personality in the Shape of Your Hand

Defining the Hand You Are

It’s not just the lines that cross your palm that are important, but even the size and shape of your hand. Do you realize that the shape of your fingers and your thumbs, the prominence of your knuckles and mounds, even your fingernails say something about you? Consider the shape of your hand, they correspond to the element types – earth, air, water and fire – that define your temper and personality.

The Earth Hand. Hands are very squarish, where the width is equal to the length, and have shorter, boxy fingers; the nails are also square-set. The palms have fewer but deeper lines, the skin is usually coarse and thick in texture; colour is reddish and ruddy.

An Earth hand denotes level-headedness and a no-nonsense approach to life. They prefer physical to intellectual pursuits, and are often very practical people who work with their hands or outdoors. Examples of pursuits are landscaping and woodworking. Earth types are very responsible, prioritizing security and stability, with controlled emotions, calm and peaceful. They are often sceptical of fortune telling.

The Air Hand. Hands have long fingers and prominent knuckles. The palms are square-ish or rectangular with long, sometimes tapered, fingers, thumbs are low-set. The fingers are roughly the same length as the palm. Skin is often dry and a little pale; there are many lines but are lightly defined.

An Air hand is naturally curious and imaginative, with nervous dispositions and prone to anxiety and stress. The hands indicate high intelligence and communication skills, but these people tend to overthink things and are seemingly detached from the world around. Examples of air hand people are writers and teachers. They are social creatures but often internalise their feelings making them seem cold and not very emphatic.

The Water Hand. Hands have short oval palms and long, thin, flexible fingers. Skin is soft and supple and has fewer but deeper lines.

A Water hand is a sensitive and emotionally intelligent person with an artistic nature. They’re keenly attuned to their feelings and that of others which can make it tough coping with stressful situations. Imaginative and flexible, romantic and sensitive, they are interested in music, poetry and mystery. They are involved in work caring for others such as charity and spiritual leading.

The Fire Hand. Hands are of short, rectangle or square palms and short, squat fingers, palms usually greater in length than fingers. The shorter the fingers, the more stubborn the individual. Skin is flushed or pinkish and has many lines which are lighter in definition.

A Fire hand reveals an energetic, go-getter type, passionate, natural leaders. They make up their minds very quickly, hate to be unoccupied and are often inpatient. Highly individualized and inspirational, fire hands also signify an interest in socializing, entertaining and playing sports. They’re a force to be reckoned with but can also come across as overwhelming and as bullies.

Finding Your Element in Lynnwood

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Life in Tarot Cards

Just a Card Game

It is a strange-looking deck of cards with large colorful pictures of mystical characters and objects. Steep in mystery, the cards see into one’s past, present and future in sometimes stark details and rude awakenings. It wasn’t always like that. These cards started as card games meant for recreation and social gatherings in Arab society, specifically in Egypt.

By the late 1300’s, it had become common in Europe. Over the centuries more picture cards were added and certain symbolisms began to emerge. They were all beautifully hand-painted, though not until the invention of the printing press were more of them made. It was in the 18th and 19th centuries that divination was attached to the symbols and characters. Astrology and the interplay of the elements and humors added to the mystique of their interpretations.

Today, your life story is played out and analyzed by professional tarot diviners using the modern cards, not very different from how they were used centuries ago.

Discovering Your Path

The intricacies of tarot card reading are best left to your tarot card diviner. The more skilled and intuitive the reader, the more clear and powerful is the picture of your life’s path. Seek out a good one and discover yourself. Come and set an appointment with a diviner at The Psychic Shop in Lynnwood. Here at our Lynnwood Palm Reading, tarot card reading is also offered. Give yourself the opportunity to look at and understand your past, analyze your present, and divine into your future to make you a renewed life seeker.

Ruby: the Most Powerful of Stones

The ruby is not a stone to be taken lightly. Considered one of the most powerful stones in the universe, it has long been highly prized by kings and priests for its vivid, potent energy. It is associated with love, wealth, wisdom, contentment, and bodily health.

If you are fortunate enough to have a ruby, consider the exceptional qualities for which it has been prized. This gem is a form of crystallized corundum, representing a red variation of the sapphire. As such, it is second only to the diamond as the hardest gemstone available on the market. It is also exceptionally rare, more so than most varieties of diamond, sapphire, and emerald. Allow your ruby to serve as a reminder of all you have to be thankful for, and all the reasons you have to be happy and confident in your potential to influence the world around you.

Of course, most of us do not enjoy the luxury of being able to possess a ruby of our own. Should you require any alternative means to foster confidence and contentment in your life, consult the Psychic Shop for a palm reading in Lynnwood.

Identifying Prophetic Dreams

Everybody dreams. Even if you don’t remember it, you are likely dreaming every few hours every night. Naturally, with all the dreams you have, you are statistically likely to have the occasional dream that depicts events before they happen. Of course, these dreams can only be of any use to you if you have some way of knowing that they are prophetic before their portents come to pass. So, how can you tell the difference between a run-of-the-mill dream and a legitimate psychic phenomenon?

Many dreams have some meaning to them, so you shouldn’t disregard any dream outright. However, many of these are simply a reflection of your own current state, ripe with symbols and emotions that your mind is trying to sort through. Should you experience a particularly vivid, lucid, and compelling dream, though, you might be in tune with the deeper workings of the universe. Try writing such dreams down, and keep an eye out for what they foretell; they may be a sign of your own latent psychic capabilities.

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Knowing Your Date by The Type of The Hand

The Basics of Hand Types

Do you want to know if your date for the evening is The One for you? You don’t need to be a psychic but knowing just a few details about your date’s hand shape may give you a general insight into the person.

There are four basic hand shapes and each of them is connected to a different element of nature. There is the fire hand, the water hand, the earth hand, and the air hand. You might be familiar with the zodiac signs, but don’t think that the astrological profile corresponds to the hand type. It is not always the case. This goes to show that personalities can be complex.

The Fire Hands

A person with fire hands has a long or narrow palm and quite short fingers by comparison. Often the palms have deep creases and mounds well-defined. You meet someone with these hands you are likely dealing with an extrovert, an active, outgoing person. As the hands exhibit good muscle tone and skin which is firm, the person is likely to exude strength, spontaneity, and energy. They are passionate, intense, and confident. They tend to inspire others, always looking for challenges and motivation. On the other hand, they tend to get easily bored and become restless. The signs in the fire category are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius.

The Earth Hands

The person with earth hands are identified by square palms and short fingers, which are usually stiff and thick, and rounded at the tips. If you meet one, the person is usually very level- headed, no-nonsense, realistic, and practical. People with earth hands are often good with their hands, creative, capable, and reliable. They love nature and animals, are outdoorsy and quite the traditionalist. On the other hand, the type does not respond to change easily and tends to get stuck in their realities. The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The Water Hands

These hands have long palms with long fingers, giving an impression of narrowness. They are soft and somewhat clammy. These individuals may have psychic abilities, very well in tune with the world of emotions, thoughts and feelings. They are sensitive, creative, and intuitive. If you meet one, they tend to care more about people than material things. They are likely Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The Air Hands

Know this type by their squarish palms and long fingers that are somewhat spindly. Intellectually inclined, they are innately curious and thrive in the world of concepts, logic, structure, and ideas. They tend to overthink and overanalyze. Sociable, they like working with others and may be teachers, communicators, and advisers. Sometimes, they overwork and that can lead to mental stress.


Finding The Right One For You in Lynnwood

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Matters Of The Heart In The Palm Of Your Hand

Revelations of the Heart

Many people have sought out, and still do, the divination practice of palm reading. It’s been so for centuries and prevalent in all if not most cultures and societies. Palm reading enthusiasts and even those who at least, but once in their life, experienced someone else who can look well into their personalities and potentials walk away with a deeper understanding of themselves. Lines, creases, mounds and plains in everybody’s palms are said to be suggestive of some trait, inclination, struggle and future events. When it comes to the lines, four of which are major, one line’s interpretation seems to be particularly sought-after.

The Heart Line

Yes, the Heart Line, commonly referred to also as the Love Line, deals with everything about the heart. Does it always pertain to one’s love interest? Among other things, yes; about the person and his/her relationship with self and others – spouse, lovers, relatives, family and friends.

The heart line is the topmost line on the palm, running horizontally across. It begins at the edge of the palm on the pinkie side, and runs to just underneath the index or middle finger. Its placement makes it the first to be studied in a reading, and, besides, it’s what most people want to learn about first. The reader gives insight into our various relationships, our emotions, and what we feel about ourselves, others, and life in general. The Heart Line can also reveal potential for growth or change, and even how we deal with our inner world and spiritual life.

When looking at and interpreting the Heart Line, the reader notes the depth, length, curvature, branches, among others. He may look at both hands and determine the dominant one which is the hand that is shaped by experiences and the people involved in your life. Using a magnifier can help see details.

Generally speaking, the deeper the heart line, the deeper your love and affection. A long but straight line that ends below the index finger can signify empathy and strong intuition about others’ emotions. If one, overly sensitive and often desires affection or validation, have a heart line that does not curve towards the fingers. Whereas, a pronounced curve at the end of the line denotes one can well express emotions and needs. It is the opposite when the line is higher up the palm.

If the line splits in two, the person puts others ahead of self. A faint line means one has a delicate energy, easily succumbs and may be bullied. If the Heart Line is crossed by tiny lines, it indicates emotional trauma, whereas if there are many breaks or branches in the line, one has fleeting, though intense relationships. If the line splits into three branches, luck in love and life portends.


Understanding Palmistry and The Palm (Continued)

The well-versed palm reader starts with larger observations, then goes into nuanced detail. The reader can analyze both left and right hands, though the non-dominant hand can reveal natural character and personality, the dominant hand shows actual practice of these traits.

Both hands tell how the querent utilizes his/her potentials. Silent observations are also important – texture of the hand, the difference of the front and the back, the cleanliness – the smallest details can help the reader’s infused intuition.

Before the reading starts, the reader familiarizes with the querent’s hand shape which correspond with the four elements – fire, earth, air and water – which give the general personality trait and disposition. The mounds and plains of the hand are also reviewed which correlate with life’s major areas. The lines and creases are about the future. All these are considered to gel harmoniously and come up with a purposeful reading.


Getting More Out of Palmistry in Lynnwood

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Understanding Palmistry and The Palm

History, Purpose and Considerations

Palmistry, also known as Chiromancy, is popularly referred to as plain Palm Reading. It’s a form of divination practice which goes back into ancient history. Its roots were in India, spreading over Eurasia that includes China. Tibet, Persia, Egypt and Greece. It appeared in Aristotle’s writings 2,500 years ago.

It dispersed in the Middle Ages because the Catholic Church banned it until it went into a revival in the 19th century, when occult practice grew. It advanced in the United Kingdom and the United States as chirological societies bloomed. By the mid-1900s, palm reading was a fully woven practice in American pop culture.

Palmistry requires study and practice, just like any other divination. It is relatively easy to explore the basic theory and techniques. It is accompanied with tips and tricks to help cultivate a reader’s unique approach. By the palms of the hands – its lines and creases, folds and mounds – a person’s traits can be assessed and the future divined.

What is palmistry for?

Palm reading is the art of analyzing the physical features of a person’s hands to be able to interpret his/her personality traits and foretell the future. Based on time-honored occult traditions, the palm of the hand reflects the workings of the universe. Based on the movements of the planets, human events on Earth are affected, or so is said. Practitioners of palmistry can become very knowledgeable in the art by developing their own interpretations based on historical conventions. They can converse well with any querent or the person seeking a reading.


The Five Scariest Tarot Cards To Overcome Continued

Five of Pentacles

The card shows This card shows the many faces of material misfortune, like poverty, loss of fortune, unemployment, illness, and solitude. It typically points to a time of financial strife and adversity, or you have suffered a significant financial loss or failure. Often, what might have caused these problems may be your own attitudes and emotions. For example, greed leading to loss, anxiety to error, possessiveness can lead to solitude.

Three of Swords

The card symbolizes rejection, sadness, loneliness, heartbreak, betrayal, separation and grief. They are unexpected and so are painful events. The card often serves as a warning sign that such events are possible; a reminder that you can start to see pain as a learning opportunity.

The Devil

The card does not mean that you are going to hell, going to die, that you’ve done something evil. Rather that there’s something negative in your life, such as a drug addiction, or you may be living in fear, or are self-destructive. You may also be surrounding yourself with the wrong, negative people. The card warns to take stock of oneself and make changes.