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The Air Hand

An air hand is long and narrow. Such hands will often be paired with long nail beds and a long palm. Elegant and graceful, these are the hands of a hand model.

To a palm reader, the mental energy of an individual is known to originate in the wrist and move up the length of the hand into the fingers. It is here that this energy pours out into the world. We therefore recognize the long palm of the air hand as indicative of a strong mind, one which devotes significant time lost in thought. If you have an air hand, you may be thoughtful to the point of restlessness. You are a self-studier, moving quickly through life, gaining expansive knowledge in many fields. Of the five different hand types, you are the most likely to gain an aptitude for psychic phenomena.

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Tourmaline: The Stone of a Thousand Faces

The tourmaline is a remarkable group of stones. Wonderfully complex in their molecular structure, they are known for being the most versatile gemstones on the planet. No other stone comes in as many different colors; you can find tourmaline in anything from black to colorless, and from translucent to transparent. Many stones feature two or more colors, like the covetable watermelon tourmaline with its red, white, and green hues. There are even examples of tourmaline that will appear as different colors, depending on whether you are viewing them in natural or artificial light.

It is the great diversity of the tourmaline that has earned it its reputation for fostering flexibility, tolerance, balance, and understanding in our lives. When you consider a tourmaline, remember the impressive complexity of its molecular structure. In the same way that it is this complexity that gives the stone its exceptional properties, we can understand that our own flexibility and tolerance should come from a richly developed mind. Contact the Psychic Shop for a palm reading in Lynnwood, and to further develop your psychic state.

Maintain a Positive Attitude this Winter

Winter is not an easy time for most people. Between the stresses of the holiday season and the darker, murkier weather, it is easy to lose our positive outlook and develop a toxic emotional state that sends us into a downward spiral. To avoid this, consider the following advice:

  • Seek Out the Sun: It has been shown that a lack of exposure to sunlight causes depression. If the sun is hard to come by, consider buying a lamp that replicates the sun’s UV rays. You can also find vitamin D fortified foods that give you the vitamin D you usually get from the sun.
  • Know Your Limitations: If you’re in charge of planning your holiday festivities, don’t take on more than you can handle. Delegate tasks where you can, and avoid the stress that ruins so many winter holidays.
  • Maintain Your Usual Routines: There is comfort in routines. Unfortunately, many people let the stress and cold weather of winter serve as an excuse to neglect their regular habits. In particular, try to keep up your exercise routine, as exercise is a good way to improve your mood.

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Lapis Lazuli: Power and Wisdom

Lapis lazuli has been recognized as a stone of great power since ancient times. In many circles, it was valued more than gold. The Egyptians used to bury their dead with a lapis lazuli scarab to offer them protection in the afterlife. Some believed that dreaming of the stone foretold faithful love. Others associated it with mental clarity and a greater connection to the mystical world, using it to help make oneself a channel.

When pondering a lapis lazuli stone, consider its composite nature. These stones are not a single mineral, but rather a combination of lazurite, pyrite, calcite, and traces of other minerals. Try to imagine the universe around you as resembling this stone, with the easily perceived reality imbued with strands of deeper reality subtly running through it. You can use this mental image as a catalyst to heighten your psychic sensitivity and meditate on a higher level.

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The Psychological Primary Colors

If you’re trying to foster the right feelings and attitudes in your everyday life, consider harnessing the psychological power of colors. The effects that colors have on our mental state are well understood; this is why fast food logos are all red and yellow, and why black and white cars are not pulled over as much as red or neon green cars. The four primary psychological colors, and the effects they are known for, are as follows:

  • Red: This is the color that relates most strongly to the physical. It is a color of strength, courage, excitement, and basic survival instincts. It makes things appear closer than they actually are, grabbing your attention. Red rooms heighten the appetite and encourage aggression.
  • Blue: The intellectual color, blue is known for being soothing, logical, and conducive of trust. A blue environment encourages calm and rational thought, though it can also be perceived as unemotional and unfriendly.
  • Yellow: Yellow relates most to the emotional level. It fosters creativity, confidence, and optimism, but too much of it can also encourage anxiety and emotional fragility.
  • Green: Representing the balance between the other three colors, green encourages a harmony between the physical, intellectual, and emotional. Our eyes can perceive it more easily than other colors, making it a restful choice. Green settings bring about restoration and a heightened state of psychic awareness, but risk stagnation and boredom.

Are Animals Psychic?

We’ve all heard stories about animals doing extraordinary things. Perhaps your cat always seems to know you’re about to come home, or your dog seems to be tuned in to your thoughts and feelings. Some people have even theorized that many animals possess a psychic sensitivity, one which humans may have been more in-tune with before our more complex, conscious thought began to cloud our instincts.

One of the best cases for this theory is the incredible journeys that many animals have been known to take. Some pets have been observed to find their way home from exceptional distances, with no logical way of knowing how to get there. On a grander scale, certain species make regular trips that cannot be fully explained by science. Such creatures include the homing pigeon and the monarch butterfly, the latter of which passes several generations before returning to a single, specific tree.

If animals do indeed possess a psychic sensitivity, our takeaway should be that we, too, are capable of such amazing feats. Talk to the Psychic Shop for a palm reading in Lynnwood today.

Ruby: the Most Powerful of Stones

The ruby is not a stone to be taken lightly. Considered one of the most powerful stones in the universe, it has long been highly prized by kings and priests for its vivid, potent energy. It is associated with love, wealth, wisdom, contentment, and bodily health.

If you are fortunate enough to have a ruby, consider the exceptional qualities for which it has been prized. This gem is a form of crystallized corundum, representing a red variation of the sapphire. As such, it is second only to the diamond as the hardest gemstone available on the market. It is also exceptionally rare, more so than most varieties of diamond, sapphire, and emerald. Allow your ruby to serve as a reminder of all you have to be thankful for, and all the reasons you have to be happy and confident in your potential to influence the world around you.

Of course, most of us do not enjoy the luxury of being able to possess a ruby of our own. Should you require any alternative means to foster confidence and contentment in your life, consult the Psychic Shop for a palm reading in Lynnwood.

What is Psychometry?

Do you ever get the sense that you can know something about a person or object simply by making contact? This is not entirely outside the realm of possibility. Among the psychic community, this is a phenomenon known as psychometry, the art or “reading” a subject by touch.

Quantum theory has theorized that the past is not lost to us, but rather accessible via quantum entanglements. Examples of this phenomenon have been observed in recipients of organ transplants, who took on memories or even personality traits of those who donated their new parts. Some psychics practice to harness this power so that they can read an object at will, gaining valuable knowledge about its nature or past.

To experiment with your own psychometry, try sitting in a comfortable, quiet place, and have somebody place an unknown object into your hands. Clear your mind, and listen to whatever first impressions you may receive. It is important to trust these impressions, even if they appear strange or meaningless; it may take time before you can properly interpret your readings. Talk to our Lynnwood palm reading shop for additional information.

Identifying Prophetic Dreams

Everybody dreams. Even if you don’t remember it, you are likely dreaming every few hours every night. Naturally, with all the dreams you have, you are statistically likely to have the occasional dream that depicts events before they happen. Of course, these dreams can only be of any use to you if you have some way of knowing that they are prophetic before their portents come to pass. So, how can you tell the difference between a run-of-the-mill dream and a legitimate psychic phenomenon?

Many dreams have some meaning to them, so you shouldn’t disregard any dream outright. However, many of these are simply a reflection of your own current state, ripe with symbols and emotions that your mind is trying to sort through. Should you experience a particularly vivid, lucid, and compelling dream, though, you might be in tune with the deeper workings of the universe. Try writing such dreams down, and keep an eye out for what they foretell; they may be a sign of your own latent psychic capabilities.

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Garnet: A Grain of Vitality and Confidence

The garnet has been known by civilizations around the globe for many hundreds of years. It comes in numerous forms, each with their own spiritual properties, though the most well known of these is the blood red variety. Full of vibrant, creative passion, this gemstone has valuable uses for people in all walks of life.

The primary use of garnet is to improve your relationships. This applies to a romantic relationship that you want to restore a little fire to, a friendly relationship that you want to bolster, or even a business that needs to be revitalized with healthy working relationships.

To derive the benefits of a garnet, consider its deep, vital coloration. The blood-like color serves to inflame your sensibilities, evoking a sense of strength and passion. Keep this sense in the forefront of your mind with all of your relationships, and let it inspire you to new heights in everything you do.

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