What Does it Mean When You Have an “M” on Your Palm?

When you look at your palm, do the lines form a letter “M”?

What does it mean?

The four lines are known as the life, heart, head and destiny lines. If you have lines that form the letter “M” it can mean you have great intuition and have a personality with a great entrepreneur characteristic with charisma.

Other characteristics can be attributed to leadership, strong intuition, success in business, and good fortune. People with such palms are also known to be good at reading people. You may find that you are particularly good at seeing through lies or determining if somebody is untrustworthy.

If you have an “M” on your palm, chances are good that you will do well in life. Good career options include journalism, writing, and education, which make good use of your intuition and emotional intelligence. Your heightened ability to see through deception can make criminal investigation a natural choice.

You may also be attracted to management positions, since many people marked with an “M” have a powerful sense of self-discipline and inner drive. One way or another, odds are in your favor to make a lot of money in your career.

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