Could the Future Change the Past?

One of the big challenges of embracing psychic phenomenon is getting past our limited perceptions of time. How can one predict the future or gaze into the past, one might ask, if one doesn’t exist yet and the other is long gone? The fact is that time exists as more than a simple measurement of change; the past and the future are both very real things, with a very real relationship to the present and to each other.

Quantum science has been exploring this phenomenon for some time now, and has made some truly baffling discoveries. Among these are the revelation that the past is deeply influenced by the future. In an experiment studying the mysterious dual nature of light particles, it was demonstrated that light can exist as either a particle or a wave depending upon whether or not it is observed.

Further, an observed light particle can behave as a particle retroactively. With these revelations, we may be getting closer to grasping how the human mind is capable of deja vu and other phenomenons of inexplicable intuition.

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