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Dreams are a way your mind communicates ideas, warnings and issues and sometimes they can even convey the future. There are many how-to articles or publications that teach dream interpretation or dream analysis. Dream dictionaries carry terms and definitions for beginners and some for advance learners. But you must remember that however hard or easy is it these materials aim to teach you, your own perceptions take precedence over any interpretation they give. Your own perceptions are always better.

Here is an easy way to start on your journey to being a dream interpreter. Firstly, have tools you’ll need prepared – a notebook and/or a tape recorder to keep records of your dreams fresh. Next, know the proper way to sleep – by relaxing yourself completely before bedtime, paying attention to the main issues of your day and suggesting to yourself what you want to dream about, convincing yourself that you’ll remember your dream, and planning on waking up slowly and peacefully. Then sleep and dream on.

Ask yourself, “What specific area of my life is this dream about? ” rather than asking “What’s this dream mean?” As the usual, anyway, the dream is about you and a message to you. There’s a theme in the dream, connect it to some aspect or condition present in your life, and feel the emotion well. Only by examining your own emotions as you try to fit the theme into a given situation can you know you are interpreting the dream correctly. Emotions are a very good clue to the dream itself.

Are you missing something? Yes, the details. Symbols in a dream are actually the elements that make up the details. That is when you pick up your dream dictionary and look up the meaning of the symbols – such as animals present in your dream, or people, children, vehicles, buildings, clothes, or even death. But symbols are a very personal thing. The dictionary may not necessarily have the correct definition to the symbol in the dream. Because we associate meanings differently from one another at times. For example, you might associate a mountain with hardship, a barrier, nature, a strength, a friend or even with God. Instead of associating, try to list down what a mountain means to you personally. Then you would have reached a dream interpretation effectively.

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If this method does not suit you well or you would need some more time and exercises to be satisfied with results, you can always turn to your dream interpreter in Lynnwood. At The Psychic Shop, we’ve got a lot of experience in interpreting dreams and we can certainly teach you a lot more.