Life in Tarot Cards

Just a Card Game

It is a strange-looking deck of cards with large colorful pictures of mystical characters and objects. Steep in mystery, the cards see into one’s past, present and future in sometimes stark details and rude awakenings. It wasn’t always like that. These cards started as card games meant for recreation and social gatherings in Arab society, specifically in Egypt.

By the late 1300’s, it had become common in Europe. Over the centuries more picture cards were added and certain symbolisms began to emerge. They were all beautifully hand-painted, though not until the invention of the printing press were more of them made. It was in the 18th and 19th centuries that divination was attached to the symbols and characters. Astrology and the interplay of the elements and humors added to the mystique of their interpretations.

Today, your life story is played out and analyzed by professional tarot diviners using the modern cards, not very different from how they were used centuries ago.

Discovering Your Path

The intricacies of tarot card reading are best left to your tarot card diviner. The more skilled and intuitive the reader, the more clear and powerful is the picture of your life’s path. Seek out a good one and discover yourself. Come and set an appointment with a diviner at The Psychic Shop in Lynnwood. Here at our Lynnwood Palm Reading, tarot card reading is also offered. Give yourself the opportunity to look at and understand your past, analyze your present, and divine into your future to make you a renewed life seeker.