Understanding Palmistry and The Palm (Continued)

The well-versed palm reader starts with larger observations, then goes into nuanced detail. The reader can analyze both left and right hands, though the non-dominant hand can reveal natural character and personality, the dominant hand shows actual practice of these traits.

Both hands tell how the querent utilizes his/her potentials. Silent observations are also important – texture of the hand, the difference of the front and the back, the cleanliness – the smallest details can help the reader’s infused intuition.

Before the reading starts, the reader familiarizes with the querent’s hand shape which correspond with the four elements – fire, earth, air and water – which give the general personality trait and disposition. The mounds and plains of the hand are also reviewed which correlate with life’s major areas. The lines and creases are about the future. All these are considered to gel harmoniously and come up with a purposeful reading.


Getting More Out of Palmistry in Lynnwood

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