What Qualities Make A Good Psychic Advisor? (Continued)

Experienced Psychic Advisors

They will not cosmetize information received from spirits, only repeating exactly what they hear. They will not change anything, though they may not understand the message at the time. They can interpret the message but will admit it is from their perspective and not necessarily what it really means.

Their tone and vocabulary are kind and compassionate even if it is not what you wanted to hear. They will not leave you feeling fearful for your life or give you a sense of danger or doom, or say you are cursed or born under bad luck. In fact, they will not make a prediction date of death. Information in preparation may be given but they should always refuse to divulge that specific information.

Experienced psychic advisors are honest and know their limits. There is no guesswork where their readings, interpretations or suggestions are concerned. They either have the gift or they don’t. They should be able to tell you if they don’t possess a certain gift and, therefore, cannot help you in certain matters. No psychic has all the gifts.

A good psychic advisor will give suggestions that are uplifting and positive to help. They will give you good options, not decisions. Each session with your advisor should leave you with choices to think about.

Finding Your Best Psychic Advisor in Lynnwood

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