The Five Scariest Tarot Cards To Overcome

Doomsday Cards To Better Your Life

Tarot reading, as many know, do not always show life’s bright side. There may be a gloomy scenario, a bad luck, or some foreboding on its way, best for us to take heed. As such, and knowing how readings go, there are particular cards in the deck that can look pretty scary. But interpretations are not the same for everyone as the cards usually deal with one’s internal issues or struggles, and personal attitudes towards them. Here are some of the doomsday cards we look out for, actually we wished we never unearthed; but if they appear, we ought to know what to do.

Ten of Swords

A man lying face-down and with ten swords in his back. Usually an indicator of some unwelcome surprise in the near future. It can be an issue at work, a relationship breakup, an accident or natural disaster, etc., these cards typically mean something untoward is coming. Or it can also mean, the unfortunate event already happened, usually that you’ve been “backstabbed” by someone you cared for.


The death card is most feared, quite certainly. But it’s also most misunderstood. The symbolism shouldn’t be taken literally. It might be the ending of a major life phase or the beginning of something new. Changes come to bring renewal and transformation into your life and i f you resist, it can be painful. One may experience pain, both emotionally and physically.