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Who Has a Third Eye?

When you say ‘third eye’, the term has a variety of meanings in the metaphysical sciences. It can mean the chakras of the body, can mean enlightenment, or the ability of psychic powers. Put simply, having the third eye means seeing beyond what ordinary people see, having a higher level of awareness.

When it comes to the chakra system, the third eye is one of the seven major points. You find it located between the eyebrows or is somewhat higher placed in the forehead between the brows. It has a strong affinity to all body senses. It is said to govern the lower brain, the ears and nose, also relates to the nervous system and the pituitary gland.

The third eye also has a strong connection with the spiritual world, with the ability to experience and even see into other dimensions during meditation. When awakened during meditation, your other abilities are said to open up including higher cognition, remote viewing, intuition, telekinesis and telepathy. Your psychic powers are said to come alive.

In the Hindu and Buddhist religions, the third eye is considered a symbol of enlightenment and wisdom. That is why you see the icons of Buddha and Shiva depicted with a third eye, as well as the wearing of the tilka among Indians which relates to the same. In our Western and popular culture, those who possess the third eye are those who can see into the future, evoke spirits and exercise psychic abilities.

The power of the mind is awaken in a person who has unlocked his third eye to affect changes in matter or in circumstances. In reality, he is able to see beyond what others see.

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