The Easy Guide to the Meaning of Hand Lines

Understanding the Major Hand Lines

Palmistry is not a parlor game or some mysterious voodoo practice of old. It’s a type of divination and has many different forms and can be very complicated. What you’ll know here are just the straight and plain basics – that means all about the major and minor lines on your palms. Let us begin.

Palm Reading

There are three major lines. The first is the Life Line. It starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger and extends to the base of the thumb. It indicates your health and the path your life will take; depth determines the ease with which you’ll go through life. Upward branches in the line mean positive changes or recovery, while downward ones might suggest negative changes to come. A complete break in the line could mean an accident or a sudden, massive change. The line can change its length and shape, depending on how you change your approach to health.

The Head Line is the most important line within Chinese palmistry. It starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger, and extends across the palm in the middle part with the life line below and the heart line above. Also called wisdom line, it represents intelligence, intuition, the strength of your will, and even show how you receive and react to information A single curve line indicates idealism and curiosity, wavy means creativity, , straight may suggest meticulousness and practicality, but also may be a materialistic streak. The head line’s length indicates how you approach decisions and actions (longer lines will be more methodical thinkers while shorter lines probably belong to more impulsive thinkers). A deeper line means you have a great memory, while a faint line means you might struggle to focus. Breaks could mean forthcoming mental strife.

The Heart Line, or love line, is the last of the major lines. It’s just above the head line starting from the edge of the palm under the little finger, running across the palm and ending below the middle finger or forefinger or the place where they join. While many believe this predicts a romantic love life, it can actually reveal how you deal with your emotions and approach all matters of the heart, whether with a significant other, friend, or family member. A heart line that starts under the index finger tells of a satisfying, but selective, approach to love, while one that starts beneath the middle finger might mean a selfish or even insatiable streak when it comes to love and affection. A deeper line implies you invest a lot of time and thought into your love relationships, while a faint one means an aloof or uninterested love. Forks reveal your ability to balance emotions and logic; a strong curve means you’re comfortable expressing your feelings.


Palm Reading in Lynnwood

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