Dreams: Is it Biological or Supernatural?

Why Dream at all?

Research says that dreaming is a human and animal biologic function that requires no interpretation. Dreams are automatic. They occur to provide stimulation for the body’s chemistry and neurologic functions, such as, handling a threat situation, selecting a mate, or improving status in a hierarchy. That sounds very much like a species’ tool, a rehearsal, in aid of survival. But there was a time in antiquity when dreams were regarded as harbingers of misfortune, messages from another world. To know their meaning is to arm oneself against impending threat. Dreams were taken seriously and it was imperative to know what news they bring. Hence, it must have been the way that dream interpreters became highly sought.

Seeking the Meaning

Whether dreams have biological or supernatural origins, it is the interpretation of these visitations that seek understanding. What could they possibly mean? Recurring dreams or violent ones have lingering effects. One tries to find answers. The internet is full of so-called meanings and can confuse rather than solve issues. A psychoanalyst visit is an option to be considered for those who can afford the time and expense. There are reports that people who found interpretations to their dreams have become better equipped to handle life conflicts, forearmed to deal with threats, and seemingly peaceful and content in a general way.

A ready and convenient avenue, that is also affordable and comfortable, is the dream interpreter or dream analyst. This is what The Psychic Shop in Lynnwood offers. You will see how depth of expertise and degree of trustworthiness become important elements in the engagement between the dream meaning-seeker and the dream analyst. It might be worth the visit.