Emerald: A Study of Passion and Reason

Representing the green form of beryl, emerald is one of the classic precious gemstones. Rare, beautiful, and highly brittle, an emerald of any size can command a high price in even their more highly flawed forms. Among the metaphysical community, these stones are associated with both passion and reason; while it inspires calm in your emotions, it simultaneously gives you the clarity and drive you need to pursue your aspirations.

When you consider an emerald, focus on the potent metaphor it offers. Brittle as emeralds are, it is truly rare to find one that does not have visible internal flaws. While such flaws would reduce the value of most stones, some people actually value the flawed emeralds more, as these are the emeralds less likely to have been treated or turn out to be fakes.

Indeed, just as we should both embrace and value the flaws of an emerald, you should embrace your own shortcomings and not allow a fear of failure to obstruct your passion and drive.

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