Relaxation and Your Psychic Power

Whether you’re trying to foster your own psychic potential, or you’re simply trying to achieve a better mental state, relaxation is an invaluable asset. When you are relaxed, your mind is better able to create and explore your own feelings. You are also more ready to practice patience and understanding, both with others and with yourself. More things are possible, you feel better about yourself, and your psychic powers are more likely to manifest.

There are many ways to promote good relaxation in yourself. Try some breathing exercises, wherein you fill your lungs to capacity and let it out in a slow, steady rhythm. As you do so, send your consciousness throughout your body and relax each area as you do so. Think tranquil, self-affirming thoughts.

Your diet can also foster relaxation within yourself. Substances to look for include selenium, which can be found in many nuts, shiitake mushrooms, tuna, salmon, and cod, magnesium, which can be found in spinach, halibut, basil, and peppermint, and tryptophan, which can be found in dark chocolate, almonds, legumes, and red meat.

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