Healing Your Chakras in Lynnwood Part 2

Best Modes of Chakra Healing

Blockage of energy can lead to illness and so you resort to ways to remove it. There are modes of chakra healing that aim to set in alignment those blocked pathways. Let’s look at the best modes for each.

The root chakra, your foundation, is the most dense and most related to the physical body. Long term healing can come from physical activities – like hatha yoga, or using gemstones, or going for aromatherapy. Gardening is a good physical exercise, as earth is the element of the first chakra.

Your second – the sacral chakra, representing well-being and pleasure, is best helped by hatha yoga, hip poses, juicy orange fruits and foods, and aquatic body works. The sacral chakra is associated with the water element. Now, because mental reasoning ability and self-image are associated with the third chakra- the solar plexus chakra – visual therapy is best. Others are fire walking, power yoga, and asking yourself empowering questions. Fire is the associated element.

The fourth chakra (the heart) is the bridge between the lower (physical) and higher (spiritual) chakras. Hence, touch is good, like hugging and tapping. Since it is linked to the air element, breathing works well also. The throat chakra is the fifth, associated with sound that works two ways – putting sound out, in the form of mantras, chanting, and seed sounds, or just singing a favorite song.

Also, taking sound in by using crystal bowls, mantras or again, singing. If the the 3rd eye chakra (the sixth sense) is in distressed, visualization outwardly or inwardly helps. Meditation is visualizing inwardly, creating a positive world within. Outwardly, soaking yourself in a vision board can keep you focus and ignite your energy.

The seventh chakra has no sensory world association so pure and void-of-thought meditation works best. However, it doesn’t mean that physical activity will not affect this chakra, in fact it will greatly help it. One must see to it that equal attention is paid to both the subtle energies and physical practice. Some experts advocate trying out the different modes to positively affect all chakras. But without guidance and determination, you might tend to avoid the mode you need the most.

Seeking Chakra Alignment in Lynnwood

Seek that needed guide with experts who can walk you through the best modes to heal your affected chakras. Here at The Psychic Shop, we bring misaligned and blocked energies to their balanced states, restoring your physical and spiritual well-being.