Lapis Lazuli: Power and Wisdom

Lapis lazuli has been recognized as a stone of great power since ancient times. In many circles, it was valued more than gold. The Egyptians used to bury their dead with a lapis lazuli scarab to offer them protection in the afterlife. Some believed that dreaming of the stone foretold faithful love. Others associated it with mental clarity and a greater connection to the mystical world, using it to help make oneself a channel.

When pondering a lapis lazuli stone, consider its composite nature. These stones are not a single mineral, but rather a combination of lazurite, pyrite, calcite, and traces of other minerals. Try to imagine the universe around you as resembling this stone, with the easily perceived reality imbued with strands of deeper reality subtly running through it. You can use this mental image as a catalyst to heighten your psychic sensitivity and meditate on a higher level.

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