Are Animals Psychic?

We’ve all heard stories about animals doing extraordinary things. Perhaps your cat always seems to know you’re about to come home, or your dog seems to be tuned in to your thoughts and feelings. Some people have even theorized that many animals possess a psychic sensitivity, one which humans may have been more in-tune with before our more complex, conscious thought began to cloud our instincts.

One of the best cases for this theory is the incredible journeys that many animals have been known to take. Some pets have been observed to find their way home from exceptional distances, with no logical way of knowing how to get there. On a grander scale, certain species make regular trips that cannot be fully explained by science. Such creatures include the homing pigeon and the monarch butterfly, the latter of which passes several generations before returning to a single, specific tree.

If animals do indeed possess a psychic sensitivity, our takeaway should be that we, too, are capable of such amazing feats. Talk to the Psychic Shop for a palm reading in Lynnwood today.