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Learn from your Hand thru Palm Reading

Palm Reading is also called chiromancy, derived from Greek words referring to hand and divination. The reader studies a person’s hand and can determine the personality of the owner and its future, simply via the hand’s shape and lines therein. While interpretations can vary according to customs, palm reading is a practise found in many parts of the world.

Commonalities exist where the study and interpretation of your hand is concerned. Many schools on palmistry teach the intricacies of this art. Generally, it all comes down to a few details. For example, your dominant hand depicts the current life you lead, while the non-dominant hand, your probabilities at birth. There are four common types of hands based on earth, air, water, and fire, each with its own characteristics. Are you a water-hand person? You must be emotional, highly intelligent, sympathetic, however dreamy and insecure.

The fire-hand individual is more intuitive than intellectual, energetic and exciting, creative but impetuous. Inert and slow starting are descriptions for earth hand people; however, they are honest, hard-working, dependable, and believe in true work. Finally, the air-hand is a well-balanced and reliable person, quick-witted and a good communicator. They are also distrustful of emotions and can be truthful but also devious. Which hand person are you? It would be useful to know.

When it comes to the primary lines on the hand, there is the Heart Line, concerns with love and emotions and coping with relationships. The Head Line or wisdom line covers the intellect, how you communicate and how you learn. Then the Life Line, represents your energy and physical health, and also seen to represent extreme change. It is a misconception, though, that it determines how long you will live.

Divining the Future in Lynnwood

Firstly, know yourself through palm reading and what the future holds for you. Let our experts from The Psychic Shop divine your future and prepare you for it.