The Wisdom of the Ages

While it is true that many psychic practices trace their roots back to superstitions and folklore, it is important to remember that there are reasons certain ancient ideas endure to the modern day. Many teachings that may seem quaint and naive at first can actually prove, under scrutiny, to have real-world value. Consider, for example, the dining aesthetic brought to us via ancient Chinese traditions.

The ancient Chinese had five elements: fire, water, earth, metal, and wood. Each of these is associated with a color, these being red, white, black, yellow, and green. Cooking philosophy dictated that each of these colors should appear in a single meal, fostering the aesthetic of harmony and balance that was so important to the Chinese.

Now, imagine a meal comprised of all five colors. What do you picture? The white is probably going to come in the form of rice, the green is naturally going to be a vegetable, and the red, yellow, and black may come in the form of various meats, fruits, and seasonings. In short, it’s probably a meal that is representative of all important food groups. A regular diet planned according to such an aesthetic is giving you the rich and diverse nutrition you need. We can therefore see that the strange and seemingly fanciful teachings of the ancient world should not be easily dismissed.

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