Pearls: Purity and Peace

The pearl is a very important gemstone. Though modern cultivation techniques have made them highly accessible, there was a time when they were the most valuable gems on the planet. Since they don’t need to be cut, civilization has been using them in jewelry since time immemorial, during which time they have been attributed with strong metaphysical properties.

Round and uninterrupted, a good pearl serves as a symbol of purity and integrity. They remind us to comport ourselves with dignity and treat other people with honesty and grace. Meditate upon a pearl’s perfect form to find focus and clarity, pondering as you do how a thing of such beauty can be born from something coarse and unpleasant.

Since pearls come in many colors, different colors may serve different purposes. A standard white pearl is the best for purity of heart and mind, while a black or gold pearl stands for prosperity and a pink pearl fortifies your heart against emotional distress.

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