Reading Palms: A Beginner’s Guide: Part Two

Now we go to the minor lines. The Relationship Line reflects how you handle commitments. 

Fate Line

A deeper, longer line indicates that you enjoy long-term commitments; a fainter or shorter line means you may experience on-again, off-again relationships. The Fate Line, some say never changes, represents what may influence your path in life, from your career to your personal choices to your ancestry. Breaks may mean major losses or bad luck; a double line may indicate a successful career.

The Health Line indicates what you are like as a healer.  If it is very visible, it may mean you are very supportive or a natural caretaker. Breaks may indicate a loved one who is sick or or if you are sick yourself; if frayed, an illness that you’ve had. 

The Simian Line is rarely seen but when it does manifest the love line and the head line actually connect. There seems to be difficulty in separating emotions from actions or decisions. It can also suggest a controlling personality, particularly in relationships. The tendency is more pronounced if the line appears in both hands.

The Bracelet Lines, which occur in 3s, sometimes 4s,reveal the balance between your physical, mental, and spiritual self. They appear below the palm. A fourth line means you may have a very long life. They may also indicate a woman’s gynaecological health. If the lines are solid and deep –  a prosperous and healthy life ahead. Fewer than three lines may mean poor health or coming grave circumstances.


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