Reading Palms: A Beginner’s Guide: Part One

The Meaning of The Basic Hand Lines

Palm Reading can reveal what you’ve possessed since birth and also tell you what is in store for you. This esoteric practice is very popular with its many forms. But people can learn to read palms as this is not exclusive to certain ‘gifted’ individuals only. Let’s stick to the basics, for beginners, meaning the major and minor lines of the palms. Who knows, your psychic skills can be honed or they may already be strong, nonetheless it helps to be psychic.

Life Line

The first of your three major lines is your Life Line. It tells of your health and the path your life will take. And no, it does not say when you will die. It can grow longer or change its shape, depending on how you change your health approach. The depth of the line can tell you how easy or hard you’ll go through life.  The line can have branches going up that means positive changes or a recovery; downward lines mean negative changes. If there is a break, it can mean an accident or a sudden, big change.

Head Line

The Head Line is the most important line representing mental abilities – your intelligence, intuition, the strength of will, and how you receive and react to information. Waves mean creativity, a single curve indicates idealism and curiosity. A completely straight line may suggest meticulousness and practicality, and/or materialism.

Longer lines are methodical thinkers while shorter lines are impulsive ones. If the line is deep, you have great memory, if faint you may have difficulty focusing. Mental strife can be the meaning of breaks in the line.

Heart Line

The Heart Line is also the love line. It’s how you approach matters of the heart, your emotions towards particular people, not just your love interest. It matters where the heart line is located – if it starts under the index finger it foretells a satisfying, selective approach to love, while if it starts under the middle finger, you may be selfish or even insatiable when it comes to love and affection.

A deep line means you put in a lot of time and meaning in your relationships, while a faint one, aloofness or disinterest. If there are forks, it means you balance emotions and logic; a strong curve means you’re comfortable expressing your feelings. Breaks mean emotional issues. 


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