The Etheric Hand

Also known as the psychic hand, the etheric hand corresponds to the elemental nature of the cosmos. This rare hand shape resembles a more extreme version of the air hand. If you have exceptionally long fingers and nail beds coupled with a very long palm, you may have an etheric hand.

The lengthy palm of the etheric hand is associated with a deep, introspective mind. The long fingers indicate an aptitude for retaining detailed information. People with etheric minds are often good at learning by themselves. They are also the most inclined towards psychic abilities; an etheric-handed individual may find it easy to transcend the barrier between the physical and spiritual realms, and will likely be a good medium or astral traveller.

If you do not have an etheric hand, this does not mean that you are incapable of experiencing the metaphysical. There are many other signs that may point to a psychic inclination. Visit the Psychic Shop in Lynnwood for a palm reading to learn more about your own psychic potential.