The Fire Hand

A fire hand is defined as one with a wide, expansive palm, often boxy in appearance. The fingers of a fire hand are short, and sometimes have a stubby appearance.

The shorter palms of a fire hand are seen by a palmistry expert as a sign of a fiery mind, hasty in its decision-making. Your short fingers are often the sign of a stubborn nature. If you have fire hands, your strengths are likely in your passion and daring impulses. You may be a charismatic person prone to brilliant, fresh ideas. Unfortunately, your passions may be a fickle and fleeting phenomenon. If you cannot keep your focus, you may find that you are frequently guilty of not following through with your projects.

Fire-handed people tend to excel as salesmen, public speakers, and other jobs where their quick passions and their easy ability with people are a merit. To learn more about your palms, contact the Psychic Shop for a palm reading in Lynnwood.