Tourmaline: The Stone of a Thousand Faces

The tourmaline is a remarkable group of stones. Wonderfully complex in their molecular structure, they are known for being the most versatile gemstones on the planet. No other stone comes in as many different colors; you can find tourmaline in anything from black to colorless, and from translucent to transparent. Many stones feature two or more colors, like the covetable watermelon tourmaline with its red, white, and green hues. There are even examples of tourmaline that will appear as different colors, depending on whether you are viewing them in natural or artificial light.

It is the great diversity of the tourmaline that has earned it its reputation for fostering flexibility, tolerance, balance, and understanding in our lives. When you consider a tourmaline, remember the impressive complexity of its molecular structure. In the same way that it is this complexity that gives the stone its exceptional properties, we can understand that our own flexibility and tolerance should come from a richly developed mind. Contact the Psychic Shop for a palm reading in Lynnwood, and to further develop your psychic state.