The Five Scariest Tarot Cards To Overcome Continued

Five of Pentacles

The card shows This card shows the many faces of material misfortune, like poverty, loss of fortune, unemployment, illness, and solitude. It typically points to a time of financial strife and adversity, or you have suffered a significant financial loss or failure. Often, what might have caused these problems may be your own attitudes and emotions. For example, greed leading to loss, anxiety to error, possessiveness can lead to solitude.

Three of Swords

The card symbolizes rejection, sadness, loneliness, heartbreak, betrayal, separation and grief. They are unexpected and so are painful events. The card often serves as a warning sign that such events are possible; a reminder that you can start to see pain as a learning opportunity.

The Devil

The card does not mean that you are going to hell, going to die, that you’ve done something evil. Rather that there’s something negative in your life, such as a drug addiction, or you may be living in fear, or are self-destructive. You may also be surrounding yourself with the wrong, negative people. The card warns to take stock of oneself and make changes.