What are Palm Mounts?

Mounts and Meanings

Mounts on your palm are the bumps that play a very important role in palm reading. There are about seven mounts in palmistry, each named after a planet and stands for different characters. Features of the planets are revealed in the mounts. By reading whether the mounts are developed or not, you can know a person’s personality, life style, romantic tendencies, fortune in wealth, career, health and more.

The Mount of Jupiter is located at the base of the forefinger and above the Mount of Inner Mars and is symbolic of willpower, authority, ambition and self-respect. If well developed and prominent, you are ambitious, career-minded, responsible, honest and reliable. You love reputation and are very possessive towards love and money. You are usually successful in your career. If it is under-developed or less prominent, you are clumsy, vulgar, timid, dishonest, and having no morals. Also, you don’t love fame.

The Mount of Saturn, located at the base of the middle finger, is related to integrity and perspective on things. If it’s prominent and developed, you are usually highly intelligent, sincerely, independent and patient. You love to study and are good at organization and calculations. If it’s low, you are easily saddened, depressed, lonely and scrupulous. You are superstitious and have a strong religious view. If it’s too high, it indicates you like to show off at the same time you are a bit gauche and too cautious when dealing with affairs. If it’s too large, you are sentimental and easily pessimistic.

The Mount of Apollo (or Sun), located at the base of the ring finger, is mainly related to emotion, wealth and outlook on beauty. If it’s well developed, you are usually clever, mild and interested in art and literature. You like clothes and houses/offices decorated elegantly and artistically. You’re compassionate and willing to help others, even strangers. You never do things by halves and aim to be perfect always. In wealth, the men make money in business easily and the women marry into wealth. If this mount is flat or low, you have a poor aesthetic taste and don’t like art. In life, you are inclined to pursue luxurious living, but your fortune in wealth is usually not so good.

The Mount of Mercury is located at the base of the little finger above the Mount of Outer Mars, and represents wisdom and the ability to think. Well developed, you usually are quick-witted and full of resource in any emergency. You are good at study and management. If the mount is very well developed and prominent, you tend to be all talk and no action. You usually make indiscreet remarks. If it is too low, it indicates a negative person without will. You usually are not willing to put in a lot of hard work.

The Mount of Luna (or Moon), located below the Mount of Outer Mars, on the base of the palm, little finger side, and is related to imagination, intuition and mystery. If developed and prominent, it means you are very intuitive and imaginative. You have a mild personality and love freedom and to dream. You are changeable and easy to get sentimental or depressed if your mount appears overly developed. If the mount is low, it indicates you are conservative and lack fresh ideas and innovation.

The Mount of Venus is found at the base of the thumb, below the Mount of Inner Mars and surrounded by the life line. It is mainly related to love, health and affection. If it’s developed and prominent, it shows you are sympathetic, gentle, and rich in sentiment. You are easily attracted to the opposite sex and could enjoy good fortune in love relationship. If the mount is overly developed, you are very sexy and are energetic. However, you can be easily stranded for the sentiment. But if this mount is flat or low, at the same time the life line sticking closely to the thumb that makes the mount too narrow, it shows a lack of energy. If the mount is too low, you are usually cold-hearted by nature and may not like romantic love.

The Mount of Mars: Mount of Inner Mars (Mount of Lower Mars/Mars Positive), palm side, between the Mounts of Jupiter and Venus, is related to courage and adventure. If prominent, it indicates you are very courageous, healthy and adventurous. Famous soldiers and generals usually have this mount, and if it is overly developed, then you tend to be aggressive. You are timid and indecisive if the mount is low. You usually hesitate to do things and have no heart in anything. Therefore, you may have few chances for success as you do not dare enough to grasp the opportunities.

Mount of Outer Mars: (Mount of Upper Mars/ Mars Negative) palm side, between the Mounts of Mercury and Luna, represents self-control and endurance. If you have a strong Outer Mars, you are steady, persevering and fearless of danger. You could endure humiliation in life. The wealth fortune for you is usually stable without big rises and falls as you don’t like to take risks in making money. If the Outer Mars appears overly developed, you lack of courage and usually endure those that you shouldn’t. If flat or too low, indicates you are impetuous and lack endurance. You couldn’t keep calm and tactfully solve difficulties.

Plain of Mars is located in the center of the palm between the Mounts of Inner Mars and Outer Mars. It’s common to see that the Plain of Mars is low, never gets too high. If it’s wide and flat without crosses in it, it’s regarded to be a good sign. If it’s too low and the other mounts are low as well, it’s not good. You are deficient in energy and may have a difficult life.

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