What is Psychometry?

Do you ever get the sense that you can know something about a person or object simply by making contact? This is not entirely outside the realm of possibility. Among the psychic community, this is a phenomenon known as psychometry, the art or “reading” a subject by touch.

Quantum theory has theorized that the past is not lost to us, but rather accessible via quantum entanglements. Examples of this phenomenon have been observed in recipients of organ transplants, who took on memories or even personality traits of those who donated their new parts. Some psychics practice to harness this power so that they can read an object at will, gaining valuable knowledge about its nature or past.

To experiment with your own psychometry, try sitting in a comfortable, quiet place, and have somebody place an unknown object into your hands. Clear your mind, and listen to whatever first impressions you may receive. It is important to trust these impressions, even if they appear strange or meaningless; it may take time before you can properly interpret your readings. Talk to our Lynnwood palm reading shop for additional information.