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The Most and Least Psychic of the Zodiac Signs

The Psychic Ability Behind Your Sign

Do you get “feelings” sometimes, like you know that people are lying to you or you are having dreams that eventually come true? Do you see and speak to ghosts or move things around with your mind? There’s something about intuitively knowing about things. You might think you just have good instincts when you do something and avoid disasters when actually you are being psychic.

There are different kinds of psychic abilities. Astrologers say that the zodiac sign you’re born under may have something to do with how much and how little psychic you are. You might even ignore or deny your abilities but those “feelings” are not going to stop. All you can do is control them. Some of the zodiac signs are hugely psychic and others not so much. Know the most to the least psychic of the signs.

Pisces are the most psychic. Their amazing sense of intuition manifest even with people they don’t know. Much of the time their psychic ability comes in the form of a muse which helps them with their art. Cancer’s psychic abilities come to them in terms of emotions. They have a lot of empathy which can trigger their psychic abilities, very good at helping both the living and the dead deal with their emotions. Libras refuse to believe they are psychic, believing instead they are making lucky guesses.

However, they are on spot all the time – Déjà vu, past lives, premonitions. Unfortunately, they are quite lazy to hone their skills. Now the Scorpios. They come closest to actually being able to read people’s minds. They cannot only tell what you’re thinking, they also know what you’re hiding. But Scorpios are secretive themselves, hate liars, and may use their information to control others.

Aries are trend-whisperers, they have the psychic ability to know exactly what’s going to be next – the next big hit or what’s destined to be a winner or a success. Virgos are slightly psychic, they can sense future opportunities and future threats. Leos have psychic timing. Taurus is grounded but have the ability to sense boundaries with people and places; they are logical and pragmatic. Sagittarians are not so psychic, are perfectly happy with the now, and are not concern at all with the future. Capricorns tend to be more practical than psychic; they may have a strong vision but are too afraid to judge. Aquarius is one of the least psychic, if not the least. They can be psychic but only in the way of invention and innovation, not as being able to read what people feel.

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Curious About Constellations in Lynnwood

The Wonder of Stars and Stargazing

Just like the sun, stars move across the sky on a regular schedule. There are certain groupings of stars seen, called constellations, that provide amusement and awe for us simple folks. Actually, they originated as instruments to help people in ancient times mark the time of year. Today, these star constellations continue to stand as tools for astronomers and stargazers.

Different constellations appear at sunset at various times of the year. They rotate based on the earth’s path through space, and so are able to tell the beginning and ending of seasons.

Before Greek and Roman times, people already are mapping the skies. And then these great empires came and gave Greek and Roman names to the constellations. The Greeks adopted their system from the Babylonians who took their origins in turn from the Sumerians some 3,000 years before. However, further back, star markings were found in cave walls in southern France believed created over 17,000 years back. This must be the first known star map.

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) officially defined 88 constellations in 1929, fixing the boundaries and enabling astronomers to communicate about the regions of the sky they study. The official constellations are rectangular slices of the sky holding the stars within it and included individual groupings. The constellation of Ursa Major, for instance, contains all of the stars around the shape known by the same name. Some groupings are not considered constellations, but very popular like the Big Dipper, considered an asterism, a group of stars not officially recognized.

The sun, the moon, and the planets travel on a set path through the sky known as the ecliptic as the Earth rotates. The list of 13 constellations they pass through are known as the stars of the Zodiac we recognize from Capricorn to Sagittarius. Astrologers use 12 of these as signs of the Zodiac to make predictions. They omit Ophiuchus, considered the 13th constellation, deemed an unlucky number. Signs differ from constellations, bearing only a loose reference to one another. If you are born under a particular sign, that constellation it is named for is not visible at night. Instead, the sun is passing through it around that time of year, making it a daytime constellation that can’t be seen. That is how Zodiac signs and constellations relate to one another.

Your Zodiac and Related Constellation

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Astrology Birth Chart: Points to the Best Place to Live

Clues From Your Zodiac Sign

Comes a time in your life when you’re deciding where to live. Maybe you are on the move, or are deciding where to live close to your workplace, or where you’re suited to establish a home to raise a family. Did you know that using your astrological birth chart will provide you the blueprint of your future domicile? The stars may tell you where you are best suited.

So what draws you to a certain place? Your elemental nature is a start. Let’s take a peek at the birth chart which can offer clues.

Fire sign people are those under the Zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The Fire element is one of spontaneity, inspiration, intuition, and big passions. Fiery people are excitable, impulsive, and love to light a fire under others. They want to be in the middle of the action, stimulation, and so prefer dynamic big cities that never sleep, like Manhattan, for example. They like places with a special character that’s renown, or a place of seekers, movers and shakers. If you’re such a person, you like to move and love wide open spaces.

Earth sign people are under Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. They crave green, fertile locales with lots of wild terrain to explore. The Earth element is one of rooting in, crafting, and conserving and is highly connected to the senses. They are oriented toward reality, often making them very productive and able to create tangible results. Practical earth folk choose places that make sense, for making a living and creating some stability. If you are an Air sign person, you love places where you can live and work at the same time.

Air sign people are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. They are the “idea people,” who breeze in and offer fresh perspectives. They’re often seeing from a loftier position, and able to offer clarity that others don’t have. Airy folks thrive in cultural meccas or in places with panoramic views; are drawn to lively crossroads and hubs, where great ideas are hatched and refined. A town like San Francisco, with its micro-climates in appealing, different neighborhoods, is attractive to air signs’ love of variety and constantly shifting weather.

Water sign people Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are lured to water ways and places like coastal towns, islands bays and inlets, near lakes and rivers. Water signs are submerged in their surroundings, often sensing the hidden emotional reality. These people are attuned to waves of emotion, able to read moods. Sensitive to relationships, they know when to show warmth and when to hold back. They have to work harder, though, than other elements to maintain their personal boundaries. Watery folk go by how they feel, and the kind of community they want to create.

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Horoscopes: Where They Came From

The Rise and The Evolution of the Horoscope

Horoscopes are the representation and translation of the energies of each of the Zodiac constellations and their fixed stars. The term zodiac comes from a Greek word meaning, “circle of animals”. Rooted in Greek mythology, the animals representing the signs were placed among the stars usually for great acts of heroism.

The zodiac is that great celestial belt that marked the path of the Sun at that time, each constellation of stars symbolizing a passing sign. The number of constellations, the figures formed by the connections of the stars, varied in shape and significance by each civilization, according to their their myths, and imagery.

From the influence of mythological images of the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, the 12 signs became standard and they are what we know today. With a fixed reference for observing the stars, the zodiac horoscopes paved the way for the individual birth chart – an analysis of the sky at the time of birth bringing revelations about the person and his destiny.

When did horoscopes come into recorded existence? The first records of horoscopes appeared in the 7th century BCE. It was the time when ancient civilizations were dedicated to observing the movement of the stars in the heavens believing the stars could influence human life. But it was in the 5th century BCE that the confluence of the astrology of the different ancient civilizations resulted to the creation of the Zodiac.

Interpretation of the signs also evolved through the eras, like since early Christianity, which considered the change of the seasons and the temperament of persons born under the same sign. Then the sun path over the centuries also changed with the direct correspondence between astrology and astronomy no longer as accurate as it was in the past. The sun now passes through constellations that are not part of the zodiac, as well as in periods different from those observed in ancient times. The horoscope has adapted to changes over time such as when planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered, which brought new elements to the astrological heavens.

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Astrology: A Science or A Non-Science?

To Believe Or Not To Believe

Some people believe that astrology has scientific basis or is scientific. This is so even if no scientific studies have ever been found to back up the claims astrologers make. Maybe because astrology involves the stars and planets in the universe, which objects in the firmament have been studied- their beginnings and behavior having scientific explanations – people assumed that connecting them to human affairs and earth events have similar scientific basis.

The practice of astrology is likewise old, dating back to the 17th century when the first astrology columns appeared in the papers. Some people will argue that astrology is not a science, yet through its history, it is was better understood by circles which were technically evolved and intellectually open to the world, and that the way it was approached depended more on the society itself than on the times.

We are now beginning to understand why astrology is sometimes regarded as with basis, and people’s personalities might have something to do with it.

According to the Wellcome Trust Monitor Survey, a UK-based charitable foundation that conducts surveys on medical research, science and health, 21% of adults in Britain read their horoscopes “often” or “fairly often”. Many read horoscopes just for entertainment or as a conversational topic, though some believe astrology have valid influences on human behavior, that it can be used to understand personalities. Nonetheless, in spite of a large body of work undertaken over the past 40 years to scientifically prove this, there is no evidence to support such claims.

It can be a concern for many to make important life decisions based on entirely astrological predictions, for example, deciding on a marriage partner based on his/her astrological sign, or making an important financial decision based on position of the planets. Fortunately, the number of people in Britain who regard astrology as valid is small. Less than 10% think horoscopes are “very” or “quite” scientific; similarly, the whole European Union also thinks so.

Understanding What Astrology Offers

While astrology lacks scientific data to back up claims, we in Lynnwood regard our expertise as an efficient way to guide people into the future. Astrology is a product of one of human mind’s greatest attempts to better understand the world.

Do You Have Psychic Ability?

Understanding Different Psychic Abilities

To help you better understand the different types of psychic powers, here are some of the most common psychic practices and how they are used.

Astral projection
The ability to will your consciousness out of your body. This is a voluntary experience, not the same as an out of body experience, which is typically involuntary. Astral projection is achieved through meditation and allows your astral body or your “soul”, to travel places your physical body cannot.

The ability to see things beyond the physical realm, and it also includes seeing into the past and future. Unlike other psychics, clairvoyants have the unique ability to see spirits or ghosts and communicate with them. They can also tell someone’s fortune by looking into the future.

The practice of gathering evidence from the spiritual world to interpret the physical world. Some divination practices involve tarot cards, tea leaves, crystal balls, Ouija boards, pendulums, dowsing, scrying, bibliomancy, and the use of other tools to translate messages from the ethereal world.

Also called ‘channeling’, is the ability to communicate directly with spirits. Psychics with this ability essentially act as a “medium” to relay messages from the spiritual world to the living.

Psychic power where an individual can experience visions or emotions related to a place or object just by touching it. Also called token-object reading, the psychic will usually hold an object in their hands, such as a photograph or clothing, in order to summon information about the object.

One of the most fictionalized forms of psychic power, telekinesis is the ability to move objects in the physical world with your mind. This type of psychic power is extremely rare.

A type of psychic power that allows mind-to-mind communication. There are varying degrees of telepathy, but in powerful cases, the psychic can communicate clear and complete thoughts in just a blink of an eye.

Finding a Psychic in Lynnwood

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Palm Reading Q&A: What You Need To Know

A Short Primer on Palm Reading

What is Palm Reading?

It is also called Chiromancy or Chirognomy; also known as palmistry or hand analysis. It is a spiritual divination art that studies the lines of the hand or the mounts of the hand. It’s also the study of the shape, size, and appearance of an individual’s hand overall, including the analysis of the texture, color, and resiliency of the skin.

What is palm reading for?

Palmistry is normally used for predicting the future, self-discovery, your career options, your relationships, as well as recovery from depression. Palmistry may literally change your life. Your hands will tell much about your personality and may help you to find answers to the questions you’ve ever had. It is a great tool to chart progress in mental healing or attitude reforming.

Where did palmistry started?

Palm reading was born in India, many centuries before Christ. From there, the science of reading into the lines of hand spread to China, Japan, Arab countries, and arrived in Europe in the twelfth century.

Which hand is used in palm reading?

Experienced palmists tend to examine the seekers’ most active hand or the dominant hand. The lines on that hand will tell your current and future trends while the passive hand indicates your childhood or the past. There’s a theory that says the left hand shows potential, while the right hand shows what you’ve done with that potential. Hence, in palmistry, both hands are used.

Are predictions made via palm reading true?

There is no such thing as a fixed future. All the hands show is possibility or likelihood, based on factors continuing unchanged. But we can change our direction in life, any time we choose.

What if you don’t like the predictions?

As a general rule, when the lines and markings on your active and passive hands are different, it means you have actively worked toward self-development. Remember, your hands change throughout your life, so what you see in the palm now can be different from what they were years ago.

Have More Questions?
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The Length of This Finger is The Secret to Your Personality

The Charming, The Natural Leader, or The Good Communicator

According to studies, you don’t have to look any further than your own hand if you’re looking for an accurate personality test. It’s all about the ring finger! The length of your ring finger indicates the amount of testosterone you were exposed to in the womb. The longer or shorter it is, the more it tells about your personality.

Take a close look at you left hand, hold it up straight to see, back and front. Keep your four fingers close to each other and observe your ring finger length. Your ring finger can either be as long as your index finger, shorter than it, or is at the same length at the tips.

Let’s say that Hand A means your ring finger is longer than your index finger. You ooze with confidence and charm, so you tend to take more risks, and they often pay off. You notice others often flirt with you or that others respond well to your flirtations. Some even say you can be a bit aggressive. If this is not you, then better start making changes in your life. The best profession for you would be soldier, salesperson, or CEO. Hence, if you’re a Hand A, you’re charming!

Hand B is your index finger being longer than your ring finger. You are a confident, take-charge kind of person. Born to lead the pack, you’re quick on your toes and eager to guide the way. Resourceful, even-tempered, and confident, people look to you for the right answers. If you don’t agree with this, you better reassess yourself. Your ideal job would be politician, author of self-help books, or teacher. Hand B means you’re a natural leader!

Hand C denotes your ring finger and index finger are the exact same length. You’re a balanced person who tends to listen more. You make others feel comforted and appreciated when they need it most. You’re peaceful, compassionate, and warm, so you’re at your best when helping others. If you don’t think you connect with this, then it’s time to look inwards and find the balanced, softer side of yourself. Your ideal profession would be nurse, social worker, or therapist. Hand “C” means you’re a good communicator!

Take this test and you’d be amazed!

A Fun Exercise with Fingers in Lynnwood

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Your Personality in the Shape of Your Hand

Defining the Hand You Are

It’s not just the lines that cross your palm that are important, but even the size and shape of your hand. Do you realize that the shape of your fingers and your thumbs, the prominence of your knuckles and mounds, even your fingernails say something about you? Consider the shape of your hand, they correspond to the element types – earth, air, water and fire – that define your temper and personality.

The Earth Hand. Hands are very squarish, where the width is equal to the length, and have shorter, boxy fingers; the nails are also square-set. The palms have fewer but deeper lines, the skin is usually coarse and thick in texture; colour is reddish and ruddy.

An Earth hand denotes level-headedness and a no-nonsense approach to life. They prefer physical to intellectual pursuits, and are often very practical people who work with their hands or outdoors. Examples of pursuits are landscaping and woodworking. Earth types are very responsible, prioritizing security and stability, with controlled emotions, calm and peaceful. They are often sceptical of fortune telling.

The Air Hand. Hands have long fingers and prominent knuckles. The palms are square-ish or rectangular with long, sometimes tapered, fingers, thumbs are low-set. The fingers are roughly the same length as the palm. Skin is often dry and a little pale; there are many lines but are lightly defined.

An Air hand is naturally curious and imaginative, with nervous dispositions and prone to anxiety and stress. The hands indicate high intelligence and communication skills, but these people tend to overthink things and are seemingly detached from the world around. Examples of air hand people are writers and teachers. They are social creatures but often internalise their feelings making them seem cold and not very emphatic.

The Water Hand. Hands have short oval palms and long, thin, flexible fingers. Skin is soft and supple and has fewer but deeper lines.

A Water hand is a sensitive and emotionally intelligent person with an artistic nature. They’re keenly attuned to their feelings and that of others which can make it tough coping with stressful situations. Imaginative and flexible, romantic and sensitive, they are interested in music, poetry and mystery. They are involved in work caring for others such as charity and spiritual leading.

The Fire Hand. Hands are of short, rectangle or square palms and short, squat fingers, palms usually greater in length than fingers. The shorter the fingers, the more stubborn the individual. Skin is flushed or pinkish and has many lines which are lighter in definition.

A Fire hand reveals an energetic, go-getter type, passionate, natural leaders. They make up their minds very quickly, hate to be unoccupied and are often inpatient. Highly individualized and inspirational, fire hands also signify an interest in socializing, entertaining and playing sports. They’re a force to be reckoned with but can also come across as overwhelming and as bullies.

Finding Your Element in Lynnwood

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Interpreting Dreams – Lynnwood Palm Reading

Dream Analysis Made Easy

Dreams are a way your mind communicates ideas, warnings and issues and sometimes they can even convey the future. There are many how-to articles or publications that teach dream interpretation or dream analysis. Dream dictionaries carry terms and definitions for beginners and some for advance learners. But you must remember that however hard or easy is it these materials aim to teach you, your own perceptions take precedence over any interpretation they give. Your own perceptions are always better.

Here is an easy way to start on your journey to being a dream interpreter. Firstly, have tools you’ll need prepared – a notebook and/or a tape recorder to keep records of your dreams fresh. Next, know the proper way to sleep – by relaxing yourself completely before bedtime, paying attention to the main issues of your day and suggesting to yourself what you want to dream about, convincing yourself that you’ll remember your dream, and planning on waking up slowly and peacefully. Then sleep and dream on.

Ask yourself, “What specific area of my life is this dream about? ” rather than asking “What’s this dream mean?” As the usual, anyway, the dream is about you and a message to you. There’s a theme in the dream, connect it to some aspect or condition present in your life, and feel the emotion well. Only by examining your own emotions as you try to fit the theme into a given situation can you know you are interpreting the dream correctly. Emotions are a very good clue to the dream itself.

Are you missing something? Yes, the details. Symbols in a dream are actually the elements that make up the details. That is when you pick up your dream dictionary and look up the meaning of the symbols – such as animals present in your dream, or people, children, vehicles, buildings, clothes, or even death. But symbols are a very personal thing. The dictionary may not necessarily have the correct definition to the symbol in the dream. Because we associate meanings differently from one another at times. For example, you might associate a mountain with hardship, a barrier, nature, a strength, a friend or even with God. Instead of associating, try to list down what a mountain means to you personally. Then you would have reached a dream interpretation effectively.

Trusted Dream Interpreter in Lynnwood

If this method does not suit you well or you would need some more time and exercises to be satisfied with results, you can always turn to your dream interpreter in Lynnwood. At The Psychic Shop, we’ve got a lot of experience in interpreting dreams and we can certainly teach you a lot more.