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The Five Scariest Tarot Cards To Overcome

Doomsday Cards To Better Your Life

Tarot reading, as many know, do not always show life’s bright side. There may be a gloomy scenario, a bad luck, or some foreboding on its way, best for us to take heed. As such, and knowing how readings go, there are particular cards in the deck that can look pretty scary. But interpretations are not the same for everyone as the cards usually deal with one’s internal issues or struggles, and personal attitudes towards them. Here are some of the doomsday cards we look out for, actually we wished we never unearthed; but if they appear, we ought to know what to do.

Ten of Swords

A man lying face-down and with ten swords in his back. Usually an indicator of some unwelcome surprise in the near future. It can be an issue at work, a relationship breakup, an accident or natural disaster, etc., these cards typically mean something untoward is coming. Or it can also mean, the unfortunate event already happened, usually that you’ve been “backstabbed” by someone you cared for.


The death card is most feared, quite certainly. But it’s also most misunderstood. The symbolism shouldn’t be taken literally. It might be the ending of a major life phase or the beginning of something new. Changes come to bring renewal and transformation into your life and i f you resist, it can be painful. One may experience pain, both emotionally and physically.


What Qualities Make A Good Psychic Advisor? (Continued)

Experienced Psychic Advisors

They will not cosmetize information received from spirits, only repeating exactly what they hear. They will not change anything, though they may not understand the message at the time. They can interpret the message but will admit it is from their perspective and not necessarily what it really means.

Their tone and vocabulary are kind and compassionate even if it is not what you wanted to hear. They will not leave you feeling fearful for your life or give you a sense of danger or doom, or say you are cursed or born under bad luck. In fact, they will not make a prediction date of death. Information in preparation may be given but they should always refuse to divulge that specific information.

Experienced psychic advisors are honest and know their limits. There is no guesswork where their readings, interpretations or suggestions are concerned. They either have the gift or they don’t. They should be able to tell you if they don’t possess a certain gift and, therefore, cannot help you in certain matters. No psychic has all the gifts.

A good psychic advisor will give suggestions that are uplifting and positive to help. They will give you good options, not decisions. Each session with your advisor should leave you with choices to think about.

Finding Your Best Psychic Advisor in Lynnwood

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What Qualities Make A Good Psychic Advisor?

Traits of the Best

Some people make it a point to keep psychic advisors as important resource persons in their lives. They are beneficial in many ways as their reading capabilities are honed to help people in different situations and needs. Some specialize and some are like generalists.

Nonetheless, you’d like to find a good match to enhance your readings and establish a good working relationship with your psychic over time. Here are the traits to look for in a good psychic advisor.

A good psychic does not make personal judgments about yours and someone else’s behavior. Whatever personal comments or feelings they might have are set aside. They guide you and don’t scold you or tell you you were wrong in any situation.

A psychic advisor will never make the decision for you, telling you what or what not to do. It is all up to you. They will suggest, offer alternate outcomes on decisions you make but never make them for you.

Could the Future Change the Past?

One of the big challenges of embracing psychic phenomenon is getting past our limited perceptions of time. How can one predict the future or gaze into the past, one might ask, if one doesn’t exist yet and the other is long gone? The fact is that time exists as more than a simple measurement of change; the past and the future are both very real things, with a very real relationship to the present and to each other.

Quantum science has been exploring this phenomenon for some time now, and has made some truly baffling discoveries. Among these are the revelation that the past is deeply influenced by the future. In an experiment studying the mysterious dual nature of light particles, it was demonstrated that light can exist as either a particle or a wave depending upon whether or not it is observed.

Further, an observed light particle can behave as a particle retroactively. With these revelations, we may be getting closer to grasping how the human mind is capable of deja vu and other phenomenons of inexplicable intuition.

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Zircon: A Stone with a Long Memory

Though not as well known as the big-name gems, the zircon is a very important mineral. Many people make the mistake of confusing it with the cubic zirconia, a man-made substitute for diamond. Not only are zircons authentic, natural gemstones, but some specimens represent the very oldest minerals on the planet.

Metaphysically speaking, zircon is associated with confidence and awareness. To meditate upon the zircon is to connect with something potentially older than life as we know it.

Let your zircon serve as a reminder that there are things vastly bigger than your own existence, and forces that transcend the narrow understanding of human perception. It is in this way that the stone helps us find love within ourselves, peace with the people around us, and possibly even a greater understanding of our own mystical potential.

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The Most and Least Psychic of the Zodiac Signs

The Psychic Ability Behind Your Sign

Do you get “feelings” sometimes, like you know that people are lying to you or you are having dreams that eventually come true? Do you see and speak to ghosts or move things around with your mind? There’s something about intuitively knowing about things. You might think you just have good instincts when you do something and avoid disasters when actually you are being psychic.

There are different kinds of psychic abilities. Astrologers say that the zodiac sign you’re born under may have something to do with how much and how little psychic you are. You might even ignore or deny your abilities but those “feelings” are not going to stop. All you can do is control them. Some of the zodiac signs are hugely psychic and others not so much. Know the most to the least psychic of the signs.

Pisces are the most psychic. Their amazing sense of intuition manifest even with people they don’t know. Much of the time their psychic ability comes in the form of a muse which helps them with their art. Cancer’s psychic abilities come to them in terms of emotions. They have a lot of empathy which can trigger their psychic abilities, very good at helping both the living and the dead deal with their emotions. Libras refuse to believe they are psychic, believing instead they are making lucky guesses.

However, they are on spot all the time – Déjà vu, past lives, premonitions. Unfortunately, they are quite lazy to hone their skills. Now the Scorpios. They come closest to actually being able to read people’s minds. They cannot only tell what you’re thinking, they also know what you’re hiding. But Scorpios are secretive themselves, hate liars, and may use their information to control others.

Aries are trend-whisperers, they have the psychic ability to know exactly what’s going to be next – the next big hit or what’s destined to be a winner or a success. Virgos are slightly psychic, they can sense future opportunities and future threats. Leos have psychic timing. Taurus is grounded but have the ability to sense boundaries with people and places; they are logical and pragmatic. Sagittarians are not so psychic, are perfectly happy with the now, and are not concern at all with the future. Capricorns tend to be more practical than psychic; they may have a strong vision but are too afraid to judge. Aquarius is one of the least psychic, if not the least. They can be psychic but only in the way of invention and innovation, not as being able to read what people feel.

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Maintain a Positive Attitude this Winter

Winter is not an easy time for most people. Between the stresses of the holiday season and the darker, murkier weather, it is easy to lose our positive outlook and develop a toxic emotional state that sends us into a downward spiral. To avoid this, consider the following advice:

  • Seek Out the Sun: It has been shown that a lack of exposure to sunlight causes depression. If the sun is hard to come by, consider buying a lamp that replicates the sun’s UV rays. You can also find vitamin D fortified foods that give you the vitamin D you usually get from the sun.
  • Know Your Limitations: If you’re in charge of planning your holiday festivities, don’t take on more than you can handle. Delegate tasks where you can, and avoid the stress that ruins so many winter holidays.
  • Maintain Your Usual Routines: There is comfort in routines. Unfortunately, many people let the stress and cold weather of winter serve as an excuse to neglect their regular habits. In particular, try to keep up your exercise routine, as exercise is a good way to improve your mood.

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The Psychological Primary Colors

If you’re trying to foster the right feelings and attitudes in your everyday life, consider harnessing the psychological power of colors. The effects that colors have on our mental state are well understood; this is why fast food logos are all red and yellow, and why black and white cars are not pulled over as much as red or neon green cars. The four primary psychological colors, and the effects they are known for, are as follows:

  • Red: This is the color that relates most strongly to the physical. It is a color of strength, courage, excitement, and basic survival instincts. It makes things appear closer than they actually are, grabbing your attention. Red rooms heighten the appetite and encourage aggression.
  • Blue: The intellectual color, blue is known for being soothing, logical, and conducive of trust. A blue environment encourages calm and rational thought, though it can also be perceived as unemotional and unfriendly.
  • Yellow: Yellow relates most to the emotional level. It fosters creativity, confidence, and optimism, but too much of it can also encourage anxiety and emotional fragility.
  • Green: Representing the balance between the other three colors, green encourages a harmony between the physical, intellectual, and emotional. Our eyes can perceive it more easily than other colors, making it a restful choice. Green settings bring about restoration and a heightened state of psychic awareness, but risk stagnation and boredom.

What is the Importance of Our Hands?

When discussing the science of palmistry, the question often arises: Why the palms? What is the connection between this particular part of your body and the deepest, most profound aspects of your identity?

It’s a fair question, since the lines on your palms can seem like an arbitrary means to divine your personality and future. However, the hands have always been a particularly important part of the body, recognized by mystical traditions across the globe.

These are the primary means through which our wills enact themselves upon the world. They are the chakras through which we can best broadcast our power. They are intimately connected to each of our most important organs. Looking back at the hand prints on cave walls, it is clear that even our earliest ancestors realized the significance of the digits which elevated them above the level of the beasts.

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Reading Palms: A Beginner’s Guide: Part Two

Now we go to the minor lines. The Relationship Line reflects how you handle commitments. 

Fate Line

A deeper, longer line indicates that you enjoy long-term commitments; a fainter or shorter line means you may experience on-again, off-again relationships. The Fate Line, some say never changes, represents what may influence your path in life, from your career to your personal choices to your ancestry. Breaks may mean major losses or bad luck; a double line may indicate a successful career.

The Health Line indicates what you are like as a healer.  If it is very visible, it may mean you are very supportive or a natural caretaker. Breaks may indicate a loved one who is sick or or if you are sick yourself; if frayed, an illness that you’ve had. 

The Simian Line is rarely seen but when it does manifest the love line and the head line actually connect. There seems to be difficulty in separating emotions from actions or decisions. It can also suggest a controlling personality, particularly in relationships. The tendency is more pronounced if the line appears in both hands.

The Bracelet Lines, which occur in 3s, sometimes 4s,reveal the balance between your physical, mental, and spiritual self. They appear below the palm. A fourth line means you may have a very long life. They may also indicate a woman’s gynaecological health. If the lines are solid and deep –  a prosperous and healthy life ahead. Fewer than three lines may mean poor health or coming grave circumstances.


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