Character and Values: In The Shape of Your Hands

Knowing Your Hands Is Key to Yourself

You can know one’s basic character and values, as well as the way and attitude of doing things, by the shape of their hands. Hand shape analysis takes precedence over other forms of palm reading. Hand types are divided among the five Chinese elements. You either have a Metal Hand, Wood Hand, Water Hand, Fire Hand, or Earth Hand. Check what type of hand you have.

Metal Hands are seen in rational individuals of high working and leadership abilities. Their hand features are square palms, and fingers and nails; white, dewy, fleshy and elastic palms. These people are practical, not vain, are strong-willed and law-abiding. They are capable of leadership, have a sense of fairness and justice, like to protect rather than bully the weak. Once they are helped, they will pay back. They will not let down or take advantage of others. They can surmount unfavorable situations, withstand pressure and change the environment to control their own destiny. They’re so active, people around feel the pressure.

When it comes to love relationship, they are persistent yet unromantic, and cannot accept emotional deception or the careless and casual lover. Instead, they prefer the aggressive and capable. To start a relationship with someone of metal hand type, one must prove their love with the practical action. On work, they develop their executive abilities and do the performance-oriented work, as leaders, manager officials and legal professionals. This type of work requires communication, coordination and teamwork, and is goal-directed, to better reach their full potential.

Wood Hands

Wood Hands belong to emotional, aesthetic and creative people. Their hands are oblong with long fingers, well-defined knuckles, and tough thumbs that are difficult to bend. They are stubborn and independent and prefer getting promoted to being stifled. Independent with a touch of exclusiveness, they are often mysterious to others. They prefer the fixed life pattern and can hardly adapt to changing environments. They know their own mind and can boldly express themselves. They can undertake due obligations and take care of the weak, being soft-hearted and sympathetic. They are very curious, usually get to the bottom of things and show their extraordinary talent in religion, art, philosophy, psychology.

Wood hands are romantic and are inclined to platonic love. They will not be flipped unless the lover is perfect both inside and outside and has the conspicuous temperament. No matter which industry they choose, they need to engage in static work requiring thinking, such as public administration, marketing, culture and art, academic research, invention and creation, philosophy and religion, and non-profit business. This is spirit-oriented work that requires talent, ideals and concentration.

Water Hands

Water Hands are found in sentimental, talented and resourceful people. Their hands have wide, plump and smooth palms with stubby fingers, round fingertips and long nails. People of water hands are smart and talented, fast learners who are keen observers and like to explore the truth behind things. Clear-minded, rich in imagination, with unique judgment and analytical abilities; they, however, lack execution and action. They can adapt to their surroundings, play different roles and change the environment no matter how severe.

They may fall in love with people of different backgrounds with little common points and many differences. They get attracted to certain types just for the novelty of it and the different feeling. However, the cognitive gap needs to be overcome. People with water hands generally engage in the thinking-oriented brainwork, such as operator thinking about operation strategy, business personnel thinking about sales increase, research personnel thinking about technical breakthrough, marketing personnel thinking about market development, and artist thinking about work creation. This type of work is brain powered and requires logical thinking, strategic analysis and creative imagination.

Fire Hands

Fire Hands are emotional and charming with professional proficiency; they have long palms and fingers, ill-defined knuckles and ruddy nails. They are quick thinkers with 3-minute passion. They are emotional and clear about what to love or hate; they are willing to sacrifice for the one they love but don’t want to have any contact with the one they hate. As smart fast learners, they are interested in many things and can speak frankly with assurance; however, they lack perseverance.

They are good-looking and often fall in love at first sight and develop the relationship quickly. But the sweetness doesn’t last long, usually giving up halfway as it is difficult for them to maintain the same passion from beginning to end. Hence, if people with fire hands are looking for true love, they may have to hide their beauty to find the right one who would love their soul rather than their looks. Full of talent, wisdom, courage and vigor, fire hands can undertake the task alone and they like to have space and stage to advance bravely rather than go for the fixed pattern. Their excellent performance often makes others feel they are asocial. For them, the most important thing will be horizontal development, communication and coordination.

Earth Hands

Earth Hands belong to rational and down-to-earth people of executive capability. They have thick palms and fingers, large wrists, coarse skin and palm print, thick muscle at the thumb base. These people are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect others. They are considered wise rather than smart. They are easy-going yet a little dull, and have many valuable opinions but rarely declared. Since they don’t like to claim credit, their contributions are often ignored, so once they leave, their important role will be realized. With a strong sense of self-protection, they make it hard for others to approach their inner world. Also, they never give up easily on the things they hold on to, thus a little stubborn.

In general, they have infatuations, but these often fail. Their advantages and inner beauty are often discovered after a long relationship. Earth hands are silent workers. They hold on straight to the end and never show off but make extraordinary achievements with the accumulation of experience, only then will their value be realized. They prefer to do their own work well to manage others. Although they lack multi-functional development, they can always devote themselves to their professional field with great efforts and hold on when others give up.


Knowing Your Hands, Knowing Yourself in Lynnwood

Now you may have a better grasp of yourself with your knowledge of hand types. However, if you want a more in-depth analysis of your personality, attitude, and even which hand type may be your best friend, love or soulmate, come see us at the Psychic Shop in Lynnwood.