Garnet: A Grain of Vitality and Confidence

The garnet has been known by civilizations around the globe for many hundreds of years. It comes in numerous forms, each with their own spiritual properties, though the most well known of these is the blood red variety. Full of vibrant, creative passion, this gemstone has valuable uses for people in all walks of life.

The primary use of garnet is to improve your relationships. This applies to a romantic relationship that you want to restore a little fire to, a friendly relationship that you want to bolster, or even a business that needs to be revitalized with healthy working relationships.

To derive the benefits of a garnet, consider its deep, vital coloration. The blood-like color serves to inflame your sensibilities, evoking a sense of strength and passion. Keep this sense in the forefront of your mind with all of your relationships, and let it inspire you to new heights in everything you do.

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