What Do the Lines on Your Wrist Mean?

Apart from your palm lines you might also notice that there are lines present on your wrist, like bracelets. These, too, carry meanings. In palmistry, these bracelet lines are also called rascette lines,  considered part of the minor lines of the hand, found at the base of the palm on the wrists. 

Most people have three bracelet lines, some have four. Four lines is a lucky indication that one may live to be close to 100 years old, hence, it predicts longevity. The lines can also reveal a person’s health, destiny, prosperity and the balance or imbalance of the mind, body and spirit. The chances for a good and healthy life are better if the lines are solid and unbroken.

See the meanings of the various shapes, depths and lengths of the Bracelet/Rascette Lines:

Health Line

The line closest to the palm is the first bracelet line. It carries the most important information about your life. It’s also referred to as the Health Line. If it is clear and well defined, without gaps, breaks or chains, it indicates long life and good health. If it is broken and contains gaps, breaks or chains, it is a sign of overindulgence. You are not taking responsibility for the proper care of your health. You have to change your lifestyle. 

If a woman’s first bracelet line is curved and turned upward, she will come across many obstacles in her life and endure much pain. This might arise from childbirth complications or she may only have one or two children. However, for both men and women, if it’s broken in more than one place or curves up to the base of the palm also, that can be an indicator of fertility challenges.

If the first bracelet line is chained and other lines are clear and defined, this may indicate a life of hard work and difficulty in the earlier years. However, it may change and good fortune may arrive later in life.

Success Line

The second bracelet line is called the Success Line. It represents wealth and material success in life. If it is without any gaps breaks or chains, meaning it is clear and defined, it may point to financial prosperity or security and a life to enjoy.  A break or divisions in this line might indicate dips in your finances before they stabilize again.

Influence Line

The third line called the Influence Line, may be a measure of social prosperity. You can become influential in the community and a well-known individual among your peers. If the line is straight and distinct, it says great things about your longevity, and also indicates that you’ve used your years to become an important and influential part of your community. The matriarch or patriarch of a huge family, a church leader, among others, is a measure of fame or influence.