Trending: Psychics Becoming Life Wellness Coaches

Intuition and Wellness Working Together

Traditionally, psychics are in business to profit, using their unique abilities to predict the future or communicate with deceased relatives. It’s also true that they are gaining acceptance in the wider societies because of their honed skills and great adaptability, albeit still considered non- mainstream for science. Basically, psychics are communicators who use their intuition to communicate, to heal, and to channel energy to help people discover their better selves. Now many are discovered to be effective working in the general field of wellness, calling themselves “intuitives” or “intuitive healers.”

There’s a reputable market analysis that found the “psychic services” industry growing steadily over the past five years, reaching over $2 billion in revenue in 2018. And from doing what?  Activities like readings and public talks.

Majority of the mediums working in the wellness industry are less interested in showing off their psychic abilities and more focused on teaching people, women in particular, how to trust their guts and lean into their intuition. 

Across the US, where self-care and wellness conferences and summits are held, the pool of speakers do not only include medical doctors, therapists, nutritionists, and CEOs, but professional psychics as well. Gradually, during these meetings, where registration can sometimes fetch a thousand US dollars per head, believers tend to outnumber the skeptics. 

There’s a recent survey that found that 62 percent of Americans believe in at least one of four spiritual concepts identified as “New Age” (like reincarnation and astrology) and 41 percent believe in psychics.

Celebrities have extended their brands to content, increasingly include mediums in their self-care entourage. There’s a show where its star psychic is a trusted adviser to influencers and celebrities. Some clairvoyant healing sessions are available at a 5 star hotel’s spas in New York City and Los Angeles. Many mediums are already media-savvy, advertising on late-night infomercials. In New York, psychics with their crystal balls and tarot cards regularly lure Times Square tourists for $10 readings, and signs advertising psychic readings dot sidewalks all over the city. It is a self-regulated industry though, with professional associations. Psychics, indeed, have come a long way.


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